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Raise a child with the destination in mind

There is such a thing as absent-minded parenting; where we as parents, raise our children, but are not attentive to the journey we are preparing them for, the journey of life into their God ordained purpose. The reality we find ourselves in today's world is that we are more concerned about providing their physical and sometimes, mental needs over preparing them for their destination.

The spiritual, emotional, and moral needs of our children should be of utmost priority and remember that the life journey they are embarking on needs preparation which only we as parents, their primary care giver, partnering with God can build them on.

I will buttress this point with a personal story; I remember planning to embark on a trip, while still planning, I got so busy that I had forgotten to pack all the necessary things I needed for this journey.

As I arrived at my destination, I realized in my busyness that I had not paid enough attention to where I was going so as to pack what is needed for the trip which includes planning for changing weather conditions.

Alas! the weather was different from where I was coming from, it was colder and yes, I had totally forgotten to pack warm clothes for this trip.

It was first embarrassing, as I dressed in my summer dress, people looked at me like I just fell from the moon.

Secondly, it was expensive as I spent more money to buy a warm jacket which I already had at home, if only I paid attention! I would not have spent that much.

On this trip I learnt the importance of planning with details, planning with attention and planning with the destination in mind.

Not preparing for the trip as shared in my story did not only make me feel embarrassed, but also costed me unnecessarily.

Dear parents, it is important we raise our children, with details, paying attention and with the destination in mind. We will not always be with them, but the Holy Spirit will.

If we help them prepare spiritually for the journey ahead, the Holy Spirit will always be there to guide them.

Do not allow your children to pay for what can be prepared for today.

God bless you.

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