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Influencing the Faith of the next Generation 


Every child (biological or non-biological) you are in custody of or given an opportunity to impact either as a Sunday school teacher, youth leader, intending parent or parent, you have a responsibility to contribute to the training and shaping the faith of that child.


If that is you, then this program is for you.


Luke 18:8


…when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?


It’s not enough to worry about the future of our children without God. 


It’s not enough to wonder why they are not returning to church. 


Have you wondered how we can influence their faith so much that with all the distractions they are faced with they are equipped to overcome so that there will be Faith found on the earth when He returns. 


It’s time to go pass the worries, fears, & frustrations in raising godly child(ren), let’s be equipped to empower them to know, love, serve, fear, and honor God as they become like Christ.


We can do it - Proverbs 22:6, as a village “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.“


In this program, our goal is to partner with Parents (old, new and intending), Teachers, Youth Leaders, Schools, Churches and Youth ministries to train and equip leaders as we deliberately empower our child(ren) for the days ahead. 


With our 4-weekend training, you will be equipped, empowered and charged to impact the next generation. 



Module 1 

Our module 1, gives you an insight in to historical facts and awakening knowledge of the generation we are dealing or about to deal with as we understand how to strategically impact them. 

Module 2

In module 2, we look at Family, the church and the family structures. How the church affect the church and what role the church plays in the family. 


Module 3

This module looks at effective methods that impact this generation. Age formation of every child as we understand age-appropriate learning skills that works while impacting them their mind and spirit. 


Module 4

Parents are key influencers. We will be learning how to collaborate with other parents as ministries to impact their children and as individuals (parents and teachers), how our emotions affect the learning experience of our children and how to being consistent at home and in church brings result.


4. Your gender and your Parenting skill

5. The purpose of Parenting

6. Your emotional and mental health in parenting

7. Your child from conception- to school days

8. Having a balance family and purposefully raising your child

9. Every family is a team.



When next does it start? 

May 7, 2022


What kind of software or technology do you need to attend the class? 

Zoom on a tablet, phone or iPad 


Do you need to be a mum to attend the class? 

No. Intending mums and pregnant mums are advised to sign-up if they can. 


Can couples attend the class? 

Yes. That will be a great way to be on same page relating to Kingdom Parenting


How many hours is the class? 

2 hours 


Would you advice about to wed couple to attend this class? 

Yes please, that is a great way to start.

As a Sunday School Teacher or Leader of the Youth Ministry do I need to be in this training?

Yes. It will open you up to a lot and help you connect deeply with the children you are impacting

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