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What is Global Change Agent Academy?

Global Change Agent Academy is a registered institute focused on an alternative educational program that is designed to equip children with the necessary skills they will need as they grow, to build them up and help them launch out. We empower them with the mindset to innovate and create, in the process, eradicating mental health issues in the society.
Global Change Agent Academy popularly known as (GCAA) is an alternative educational program designed to equip, build, and launch children (Kingdom Giants) from all nationalities, who will Soar as Eagles, and Roar as Lions in all spheres of life, as they lead and influence the world with a sense of purpose operating from ZIO


Our programs are aimed at building life skills across all ages such as:
·       Executive Function Skill
·       Social Skill
·       Problem-solving Skill
·       Decision-making Skill
·       Communication Skill
·       Emotional Intelligence
·       Financial Intelligence
·       Mental Intelligence
·       Time Management skill
·       Proper use of social media
·       Dealing with Peer Pressure
·       Team Spirit
·       Leadership
·       Peace
·       Discipline
·       Entrepreneurship


Our Mission

Raising World-Class Leaders

Our Goal
Is to build through education, a strong healthy mind in every child who comes across us, to become a purpose-driven leader and positive influencer in their world.

The Children Academy has three (3) Class Divisions. These includes:

·       Eagle’s Company: Beginners class 
·       Lion’s Pride: Intermediate class.
·       Zion Class: Graduating class.

I am a Global Change Agent

I am on earth on a mission 

I am made for a purpose for such a time as this 

I am a child of the Almighty God 

My Father is King and I am royalty

I have all I need to carry out my assignment here on earth

I am His delight 

I am the light of the world 

The salt that seasons the earth

I am helped always by God, I am never alone 

My angels protect me always, Lines fall for me in pleasant places as I have more than enough

I am a trailblazer, I am smart, I am intelligent

I am awesome 

I am a wonder to my generation

Because I am of God.

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