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What is Eagles Company?

The Eagle Company is an alternative educational program designed to equip, build and launch children into all spheres of life who will lead and influence the world positively.​

This online program Is designed to ignite in children (12 years and above) their true leadership identity to become effective change agents. 

Our curriculum covers:

  • Leadership Development

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Environmental Intelligence

  • Entrepreneurship Skills

  • Mental Intelligence

  • Financial Intelligence

  • Team Building & Team Spirit

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Time Management

  • Effective Communication and

  • Relevant Technology Skills

Our Mission

Raising World-Class Leaders

Our Goal

Building Outstanding Global Influencers

Guidelines Governing the Academy

  • All Students must be signed in, latest, 5min before class, at 3:55 pm WAT and 2:55 pm EST. Lateness is not tolerated.

  • All Students must participate in all activities

  • All Students should please have a quiet and less distracting environment.

  • All Students must have the hard (printed) copy of their student work manual and other training materials.

  • All Students must have their homework submitted, latest, 48 hours before the next class.

  • All Students should declare their daily affirmation.

  • All Students must attend all classes designed in each module to advance to the next module. If a student must be excused, we should be informed 1 week before that class except in an emergency. We will still expect to be notified of your Student’s unplanned absence.

  • All Students must have their cameras turned on during classes.

  • All Students should have his/her name displayed as the profile name on the screen to enable effective interaction with our Facilitators.

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