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Identity Crises in This Generation

Research has it that a good number of children begin to face identity crises as they begin to grow into teenagehood. They start to question what their identity is, what their motivation is, what their purpose is, why they exist, what qualities they possess, and why they should be set apart. The expression "identity crisis" first came from a formative therapist and psychoanalyst Erik Erikson. He presented the thoughts of juvenile identity emergencies as an emotional meltdown. He explained that young people’s characters are created by the things they hear, see and feel throughout the day and this could define them. The danger of letting them be defined by society, peers, what they see and hear on social media etc. because they have nothing else to hold on to, leaves negative ideas in them as it builds and grows doubts in their hearts about who they are, making them vulnerable to depression leading to a decline in mental health.

Having an identity crisis is definitely not a diagnosable condition, so there aren't ordinary "manifestations", similarly as with a cold or influenza. However, this is not what God has planned for His children. As Kingdom parents, we have been saddled with the responsibility to ensure that as our children grow, they are aware of who they are by their knowledge and understanding of what God says and thinks about them.

We can eradicate identity crisis early in their lives by reconnecting them back to their Source, God the Father through Christ. We help them find their identity in the Word of God as they are rooted solely in Him and establish their walk with Christ. Only then, we will see our children blossom through their teenagehood.

1 John 4:4

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

What is then Identity?

Identity is seen in the qualities, beliefs, looks and expressions that make a person who he/she is.

As believers of the Word of God, our identity is the display of the qualities, values, principles, ways, beliefs, looks and expressions of Christ through us here on earth.

This becomes our children’s purpose, motivation and reason they live here on earth.

…To be continued…

God bless,

Nene Oluwagbohun

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1 Comment

Mmm and identity crises can start from a much earlier age too by what we affirm, tolerate or children grow older, beliefs, principles get defined. Lets catch them earlier so at the experimental stage, they are more aware even as they make varied life choices.

Parents being clear on our identity supports us further help walk with children purposefully.

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