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Parenting, a Two-Edge Sword

As we parent, we must have it in mind that parenting is an assignment and a blessing. It is a great opportunity to be a blessing to a person, a whole generation, community, and nations at large.

Deliberate parenting improves you as an adult in your relationship skill especially if blessed with multiple children. Each child with his or her unique personality can bring a ton of teachable moments as you learn about how to handle people with such personality.

As believers, our goal is to raise children that are/will be conformed to the image and personality of Jesus Christ while being their unique self. This requires walking/partnering with the Holy Spirit; we must learn to depend on Him.

As we lean on the Holy Spirit to teach us, we in turn mature and grow in Him especially when we yield daily and in turn, help our children to grow.

The art of parenting is a two-edged sword, which if we are committed to, we are transformed into true representatives/image of God, this also applies to our children too as they grow.

Parenting according to the design of God is structured to teach, transform, and build us as adults as we walk with God. God is not looking for perfect parents, He is looking for Parents who are willing to go through the process of parenting into Maturity as sons.

Hebrew 6:1

Wherefore leaving the doctrine of the first principles of Christ, let us press on unto perfection.

Stop looking at your inadequacies and begin to depend on God to teach and lead you into maturity as you parent.

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God bless,

Nene Oluwagbohun

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